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Lee JunHaeng

aka rainygirl

Software Engineer, Product Owner, Technology Journalist based in Seoul

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It's fingerprint is : AE83 D092 A7EB C6D1 4542 0953 B25A DDD0 DD35 52A8.

Contributions to the press

Hankyoreh, KR 2015.6 ~ 2018.6
slownews, KR 2013.2 ~ 2015.10

You can read it here, too

Founder of the following services (currently closed)


indistreet.com covers the news and show schedules of musicians and venues in the alternative, indie, and rock genres in Korea.


At boooki.com, you can collect and share a record of books you've read, books you want to read, and your favorite lines.


battlelist.com help you choose one of two, for example, Chelsea vs Liverpool, iPhone vs Android Phone.


kuroro.net is a fullscreen gallery service with foods, Korean idol actors and nature.


ropipi.com is a personal secret diary service.


At dot.coroke.net, you can draw pixel art like 8bit game characters.

and more.