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Lee JunHaeng

aka rainygirl

Software Engineer, Technology Journalist based in Seoul

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Contributions to the press

Hankyoreh, KR 2015.6 ~ 2018.6
slownews, KR 2013.2 ~ 2015.10

You can read it here.

Projects (In operation)


writersclub is an online publishing platform where you can only write plain text without images, videos.


01410.coroke.net is a forum service that mimics VT-100/VIDTEX/TELETEXT communications such as 20th century Compuserve, HiTEL(Korea) and NIFTY(Japan). The source code is available on GitHub


CLI file manager with S3 and Kubernetes inspired from Pctools, Norton Commander and Mdir.


RSS reader client for CLI(Command Line Interface), spinned off from rterm.


Twitter / RSS reader client for CLI(Command Line Interface).

indistreet data

Archive dataset of indistreet.com from 2011 to 2018 (see below).

Founder of the following services (some are currently closed)


indistreet.com covers the news and show schedules of musicians and venues in the alternative, indie, and rock genres in Korea.


At boooki.com, you can collect and share a record of books you've read, books you want to read, and your favorite lines.


battlelist.com help you choose one of two, for example, Chelsea vs Liverpool, iPhone vs Android Phone.


kuroro.net is a fullscreen gallery service with foods, Korean idol actors and nature.


ropipi.com is a personal secret diary service.


At dot.coroke.net, you can draw pixel art like 8bit game characters.

and more.

Lectures and Interviews

TV Interview at JTBC News 2018, Seoul, Korea

TV news interview commenting on the Bot's logs for manipulating the exposure ranking of portal news service comments.

TV Interview at JTBC News 2018, Seoul, Korea

TV news interview commenting on changes in portal's comment policy of news service.

TV Interview at JTBC News 2018, Seoul, Korea

TV news interview commenting on a Twitter bot attacking a victim of a sexual assault case by a Korean politician.

Newspaper interview at the JoongAng Daily 2018, Seoul, Korea

Daily newspaper interview commenting on social media disinformation, public opinion manipulation and IT companies' responsibilities.

Radio Interview at CBS News 2016, Seoul, Korea

Radio news interviews on national security and privacy about the FBI-Apple conflict.

Radio Interview at CBS News 2016, Seoul, Korea

Radio news interview on the policy of abolishing ActiveX, the standard of a security architecture that is enforced only in South Korea.

Special lecture at Seoul Bar Association 2015, Seoul, Korea

Lecture about Internet censorship and democracy. July 2015, someone hacked into Italian Hacking Team's administrator server and released 400GB of data, equivalent to more than 200 movies, onto the Internet. The 5163 Army Division of South Korea was among Hacking Team's clients. The 5163 Army Division is an alias for the National Intelligence Service of South Korea. I made this case known for the first time in Korea.

Special lecture at CBS TV Sebasi Talk 2014, Seoul, Korea

Special lecture at CBS(South Korea) TV about data science and data visualization.